TVB and Nat Chan compete to sign Esther Lam as a contract artist

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TVB and Nat Chan compete to sign Esther Lam as a contract artist

Post by Matchbox on Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:01 am

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TVB and Nat Chan compete to sign Esther Lam as a contract artist

Despite Esther Lam losing out for the Miss Hong Kong title, her popularity is still increasing. Her profile is ranked high in the popularity chart, close to Fa Dan's such as Tavia Yeung and Yoyo Mung. Also ranking above Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu on the official TVB site. Clarence Hui Yuen, Nat Chan and EEG Executive Mani Fok all praised her having potential to have a career in the entertainment circle. There were claims that Nat Chan and TVB both have intentions to sign her up as an artist.

Nat Chan said "Am I competing with TVB to sign her up? I am not that powerful. TVB should be the first to sign her up. When you join Miss Hong Kong you will have an contract. If she doesn't want to sign up with TVB then I will consider to sign her as an contract artist with my company". (What do you admire about her?) "She has high EQ and has very good speaking skills. She was able to answer all her questions in the pageant very well. The reason she lost is probably because she isn't as pretty as the Top 3. However she does have potential to become a host. It proves that you don't need to have looks for the industry, rather the talent. Look at me, I am old and still working in the industry".

Clarence Hui Yuen praises Esther having potential

Clarence Hui Yuen expressed that Esther shouldn't feel pity in losing out. He praised her having potential and that a career in the entertainment circle would be suitable for her. But when the reporter asked if he would sign her as an artist? He said that he doesn't have such intentions at the moment. Also he hasn't worked as a manager for a long time. EEG Executive Mani Fok praised Esther being very calm and has potential to be a host.

Would like to enter the industry to become a host

Yesterday Esther and other Miss HK finalists Grace Cheng, Winnie Ma, Mandy Chung etc returned to TVB City to audition for TVB. She stated that she is interested in joining the industry to become a host. As for Nat Chan having intentions to sign her up? She said she didn't hear anything. "I don't know, these 2 days I have only been eating and sleeping. I would like to Thank the seniors for giving me approval". (Will you sign up with Nat Chan or TVB?) "I can't answer that, but the company have given me a lot of opportunties". (The viewers complained that you weren't crowned?) "I feel the result was right and fair".
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