Myolie Wu overcomes the devil inside, TV Queen is her goal

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Myolie Wu overcomes the devil inside, TV Queen is her goal

Post by summer7879 on Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:38 am

Credit : Source: Apple Daily, (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @

Myolie Wu overcomes the devil inside, TV Queen is her goal

As a Scorpio, Myolie is very much like one having self-confidence, determined, prudent and a clear goal. In her career, TVB Dong Ka FaDan Charmaine Sheh is leaving, the other FaDans now have a chance to fight for the big sister position, Myolie has already entered the battle. She said that the TV Queen title is one of her goals. As for her love life, she is surrounded by rumors on her developed relationship with Bosco Wong, who is a year younger than her.

Sonjia Kwok exposed that she's dating and shared the good news with everyone. On the contrary, Myolie avoids talking about her love life, she said: "I don't want to just talk about relationships, well...I'll go back and think about it." Regarding Bosco, Myolie just gave short answers on what she's asked. In fact everyone accepts them, otherwise TVB wouldn't have made arrangements for them to collaborate as a couple team so many times. Myolie said timidly: "I guess." Myolie and Bosco sparked in 2005 after their collaboration in War of In-Laws, in a blink of an eye it has already been 6 years, she admitted that there was once a pretty good pursuer that appeared in her life, but in the end it was "better to be friends". Why didn't she give other people a chance? She laughed: "I will envy a little, girls are not afraid of having many pursuers, but perhaps of my horoscope, I'm not that type that locks up, I don't want people to misunderstand." But in reality, her 'lock' is on Bosco.

Changes mind, accepts 'sister-brother love'

Since Myolie and the one year younger than her Bosco were surrounded by rumors, she broke through the fate of TVB's heavily rumored FaDans, she laughed: "You all wanted to write just about him that's all." Back then, when the rumors were going around, Myolie publicly said several times: "I will not accept guys younger than me." How about now? She said: "Well of course it's better to choose someone older. It's enough if he's just older than me mentally (his personality)." Things have changed, Myolie is now able to relax her restrictions, she laughed: "Yes, as long as I keep it well myself." Is Bosco's personality mature? Myolie laughed brightly: "Not really, he's basically like a little kid." Are they dating, but refusing to make it public? She couldn't help it anymore and shouted: "I don't know how to answer you..Ah!"

Although women have many strengths, the majority of them would announce their 'final destinations' by age 30. The 31 year old Myolie also has her own views: "Have to see if that partner, really is the happiness. I am rather pessimistic, unless I'm really sure it's that person. If not, then it's better to leave the most beautiful memories instead." Myolie grew up in a single parent home, her parents' divorce indeed had an impact on her. Will she ever get marry? She thought for a moment: "If I find the right person, I will. But it's not easy to find one."

Regarding her future direction, Myolie didn't think about it: "Every stage in life have different needs. I see many girls, like Jessica Hsuan, she's 40 years old and still very happy and young. Thinking for a moment, can I really work 10 more years? Before I thought, am I going to be married by age 35? But a few years later, will that marriage be too early? I would feel like it's a waste." She seems to be feeling 15/16.

How about having children? Myolie said: "I see my sister so happy because she already has 3 babies. It's one thing to be happy, but there are also a lot of sacrifices. You have to give your entire self to the child, I think I'm not ready for that yet. I have to find a reliable person and take this step with him together, that would be better. I have this thought, but if my other half doesn't, then it's going to be difficult."

Her roles are starting to have development, like in TVB's new unreleased series Ghetto Justice, where she plays an attorney and Queen of All as a scheming queen. She's no longer 'Wu Gwing Gwing'. Regarding making the Chinese yuan, Myolie felt it doesn't matter: "As long as I'm happy, just having jobs is enough. If there are jobs, then it proves I have a market. Also, I'm a killer (hardworking), constantly shooting series." As to Netizens once said she looks like a "Sad Rock" ('Gwing'), and taking her crying face to joke around with. She said: "There are a lot of different fans online, some supports you, some don't. They can do anything they want, I will listen to Netizens' comments. If there are negative comments, then I will look to see if it's reasonable and then I will see how I can change."

Not giving up on singing

In 2005, Myolie gained 42 pounds to play the role as Fei Tin (To Grow With Love), but in the end the TV Queen award went to Charmaine Sheh for her role in Maiden Vow. However, now that Charmaine is leaving, Myolie directly admitted that she wants the TV Queen title: "TV Queen is of course one of my goals, but it needs to be the right time. If it comes, it comes, if I doesn't, then it's fine too. I am not going to fight for it, the most important is to work hard on my jobs. That year when I did Fei Tin, people pitied me a lot because it was a big sacrifice and I didn't get anything back. In fact, I wasn't unhappy because I already tried my best on completing my duties. Right now I won't think too much, like singing, I just like to do it. How many 20-30 years old do we have in life? It can't be that I start singing at age 40 right? Every person wants the best, to be the top, going up to Joey Yung's status as the big sister in the music industry. But, how many can be the big sister? Only one. TV can only have one too. I have thought about focusing on singing and giving up on TV, or just focus on TV and give up on singing. However, I can do things that I like doing, so I kept both."

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