Chilam Cheung's son Morton makes first public appearance as his father's special guest

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Chilam Cheung's son Morton makes first public appearance as his father's special guest

Post by summer7879 on Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:56 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Chilam Cheung's son Morton makes first public appearance as his father's special guest

Chilam Cheung held the last show to his I AM AN ALIEN CONCERT 2011 at Hong Kong Coliseum last night. The most touching moment was when Chilam declared his love for Anita. He sobbed and said: "When Anita and I were dating, many people didn't support us. That time I was very sensitive, didn't want the media to pull on my nose to walk, so we didn't even take wedding photos or hold a grand wedding, that is something Anita and I lacked. We now agreed to take a wedding photo when were 60." Below the stage, Anita Yuen was moved to tears, while the very emotional Chilam had to re-sing Wife Not Affected (未響妻). Chilam was also grateful of Anita still being with him despite suffering from thyroid disease. He announced while he was singing: "My wife is not feeling very well lately, but she still putting in so much effort to support me, I want to tell her, no matter if it's birth, old age, illness or death, I want to be with you!"

That night, Chilam's special guest was his 4 year old son Morton Cheung, who made his first public appearance. Wearing a checkered shirt, little Morton was holding a Buzz Lightyear toy in his hand as he walked out to surprise his dad. Once Chilam saw his son, he immediately reached out his arms to give him a hug and gave him a kiss on the lips too. Chilam asked Morton if he missed him? Morton was stunned for a moment and didn't say anything, Chilam pretended to be upset and sent him off the stage. Then Chilam repeated: "This is my son, if you see him, don't hit him." It turns out Chilam hasn't seen his son for almost a month, he said: "I usually come home late and he's already asleep. In the morning, he's off to school and I'm out working, so I didn't get to see him much, but from tomorrow on I can see him more." Then Chilam sang Wish You Well (祝君好) once again to end the final show that left him in tears once again.

Another surprise was Chilam invited his past rumored girlfriend from 19 years ago Maple Hui to be his guest. Although below the stage both of their respective other halves were there to witness the two, Chilam and Maple still performed intimately. Throughout the whole performance, they had their 10 fingers interlocked and arms around waist to duet their classic Modern Love Story. Anita was often clapping and whistling, not at all jealous. Maple expressed: "You are still look just as handsome as before, you don't even look like a father, still as fit as you were 20 years ago."

Chilam's other guests were good friends Aaron Kwok and Cecilia Cheung. Finally opening her golden mouth to sing a song, Cecilia appeared nervous, she said: "I already tried my best, I hope everyone understands." Chilam has very good relations with people, many friends from the industry came to support his concert including William Sham, Shawn Yue, Myolie Wu, Remus Choy, Calvin Choy, Bobby Au Yeung, Michael Mui, Michael Tse and his wife. Because Chilam just had too many good friends, Anita didn't even have a seat and stood the whole night to support her husband.

At the celebration, Chilam was asked if it's because of Anita's illness that delayed their plan to get pregnant? He said that the health condition does not affect childbearing, and that they didn't have any plans, it all went naturally. Also, later he will be going back to Mainland to shoot The Grand Master. When speaking of seeing Maple again after 19 years, Chilam laughed: "It's like a dream, like a crisscross in time!" After the show and celebration, Chilam rushed over to the hotpot restaurant to meet up with Anita, his guest performers and the friends who came to support him. They played until 5am before leaving.

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