The lonely Kevin Cheng & Selena Li love sparks right away

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The lonely Kevin Cheng & Selena Li love sparks right away

Post by summer7879 on Sun Apr 17, 2011 1:10 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

The lonely Kevin Cheng & Selena Li love sparks right away

When the two lonely souls, Kevin Cheng and Selena Li meets, love can spark anytime! In TVB's new series The Boxing King, the couple play a pair of lovers and even have kiss scenes. Yesterday the Producer exposed that it's a good thing if the two are dating: "He's not married, she's not married, but if they're dating then that's good! I can take a matchmaker's lucky red envelope!"

Both just broke up with their other halves, Kevin and Selena were said to be giving staring at each other with love. The rumor started when the two were shooting outdoor scenes last night and appeared to have chemistry when responding to questions. Kevin was careful in his response about Selena, while Selena patted her partner's arm expressing that she understands.

When Kevin mentioned the opportunity to develop a relationship: "At this moment, it is impossible, we are friends and colleagues. (What do you think of Selena?) She's smart, pretty and knows how to run a business." Selena heard the response and laughed: "He's just saying that in front of me. It's not if someone is good they have to be together, can still be friends!"

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