Remus Choi if guilty for DUI, may get sentenced for 6 months in prison

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Remus Choi if guilty for DUI, may get sentenced for 6 months in prison

Post by summer7879 on Tue May 03, 2011 1:43 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Remus Choi if guilty for DUI, may get sentenced for 6 months in prison

On May 1st, Remus Choi was involved in a drinking & driving accident. When Remus took the breath test, in his 100 ml of breath, over 66mg had alcohol in it, which is level 2 in exceeding the legal limit. Since the accident, Remus refused to respond and went back to TVB City yesterday to shoot All Star Glam Exam as normal.

The legislative council expressed that if the person is guilty for driving under the influence, the sentence can be as much as 6 months in prison and license suspension for 12 months.

Yesterday afternoon at 3pm, Remus was spotted leaving his house with his assistant. Outside of his house, there were 2 female friends who were waiting for him in their BMW. When Remus saw reporters taking pictures, he maintained a smile and when asked how he's feeling now? How is his arm injury? Remus did not respond to any of the questions. He only said: "Thank you for all the concern" as he got into the car.

Back in TVB City for the recording of Grasshopper's All Star Glam Exam, his partners Calvin Choi and Edmond Leung had chemistry, keeping their mouths shut and avoided interviews. Grasshopper's manager (Sandy Lamb) also gave Remus courage by being on the set, but she denied to talk about the accident.

Last night, the guests for All Star Glam Exam were Ella Koon, Arron Yan and Koni Lui. Ella Koon spoke about Remus' drunk driving accident, she said: "the Wiseman has been wrong too, fortunately there was no one hurt. I will not try to urge anything on Remus, he is an adult and knows how to handle it." Arron Yan expressed that he learned about the accident from the news, he said: "I knew from young that cannot drive after drinking. If you want to drink, then choose to take the taxi. I have okay alcohol tolerance, but I will remind myself that I cannot drink too much, to maintain soberness." Koni Lui did not want to comment on Remus' case, but she will learn from his mistake and will not make the same mistake. As a public figure, must be extra careful.

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