Ron Ng and Kate Tsui flatter one another, won't spark

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Ron Ng and Kate Tsui flatter one another, won't spark

Post by summer7879 on Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:03 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Ron Ng and Kate Tsui flatter one another, won't spark

Kate Tsui and Ron Ng were rumored before, it was said Kate was the third party in between Ron and Sire Ma's relationship. Recently the rumored couple are paired up again in TVB series Wax and Wane. They are to date on imperial orders, and in the series Roger Kwok plays the third party. Kate expressed in Wax, she and Ron are a pair, but she once took care of Roger during his down time, making Roger misunderstand that she fell in love with him. The two also had a forehead kiss scene too. On the other hand, Kate and Ron do not have any big intimate scenes.

The pair were rumored before, when shooting this series was there any acting turned real? Kate laughed: "Ron is so handsome, I can't match him. (Because he has too many rumors?) He has a lot of rumors, I also have quite a bit! Earlier there was Chan Kwok Keung, then Ron and now even Bosco Wong." Asked if Kate doesn't like a third party? Kate said directly no, if she has the chance to date, her relationship isn't everything, she won't be sticking to her boyfriend. Her ideal partner is a man that has a stabled career, not necessary rich, but his income must be higher than hers because she needs support her parents, for them to have a better life. She also hopes her partner is young and talented.

Does Ron think Kate is an ideal partner? Ron expressed the same way: "She's such a beautiful girl, and too sexy." He said he knows Kate too well, and believe the chances that they'll develop a relationship is not high. Is it because he already has a girlfriend? Ron laughed: "I will tell you if I have one."

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