Kate Tsui supports Wayne Lai

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Kate Tsui supports Wayne Lai

Post by Matchbox on Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:41 am

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Kate Tsui supports Wayne Lai

Kate Tsui and Wayne Lai both attended the "Shum Shui Po anti-crime campaign carnival" event. Kate immediately expressed that she supports Wayne to become this year's TV King. She hopes that they can collaborate in a series together. As for her not being nominated for any awards at the TVB award ceremony this year, she replied "This year I mainly focused on my singing and shooting movies. I seldom filmed any series. I hope that I can do that next year". (Are you satisfied with your achievement this year?) "it's Okay, I have finally experienced that doing different types of work at the same time is extremely difficult. It is very hard to find a balance".

Wayne thanked Kate for her support. As the award cermony gets closer, he said "I am not nervous. It's just some fun. Most important is that I am happy". (Have you prepared your winning speech?) "It's done, there must be some preparation otherwise you would look silly just standing there".
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