Steven Ma Disheartened, Leaving the Nest

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Steven Ma Disheartened, Leaving the Nest

Post by summer7879 on Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:03 am

Credit : Source: 3-Week tabloid
Translated by: Tamaya @ AsianFanatics

Steven Ma Disheartened, Leaving the Nest

TVB siu sang are getting fewer and fewer, even Steven Ma, who has previously lambasted the company for arranging the broadcast of his series in unfavorable timeslot as cannon fodder, has decided to leave the nest when his contract ends in July next year.

The fact is that Steven has already penetrated the Mainland market; recently a Mainland producer wooed him with a 2-year 12 million (yuan) package to join his company; the fee for each episode per series is 100,000 yuan; compare that to tvb episode fee of 40,000 hkd; his fee is three times higher; very tempting indeed. As to leaving the nest, Steven candidly says: “It’s true that many people have approached me; lots to discuss!” which implies his departure is imminent.

Lately Steven has been discontented with TVB, especially with the broadcast of his two series, Links to temptation and Seven Days in Life, being aired in cannon fodder timeslots, which, besides affecting their ratings may also affect his chance of winning the tv king award.

To placate him, TVB arranged to have his series, The Life and Times of a Sentinel, aired in the golden summer timeslot.* Further it also tailor custom made for him a cooking program, Apprentice Chef. ** Earlier, TVB also arranged an ice breaker dinner to have Steven sit at the same table with Virginia Lok, who was rumored to be on bad terms with him. Surely enough indication of tvb’s sincerity?

All these actions from TVB is just so that comes June next year when his contract terminates, hopefully, Steven will obediently renew his contract. Allegedly, recently TVB has been trying hard to get him to renew his contract but Steven has been dragging his feet. The fact is that Steven has already penetrated the Mainland market with his Ghost Writer, Where the Legend Begins, and his other ancient drama series. Last year airing of Ghost Writer in Mainland has also greatly heightened his popularity there. Mainland companies frequently invited him for stage performances, thus, he has no worries for other outlets.

Recently, Tsui Siu Ming (HK tv series and film producer) who now focuses on Mainland, has had his eye on Steven’s well-received ancient look. He had wanted Steven in his upcoming October Mainland tv series*** but because of TVB’s harsh terms, Tsui rescinded his offer. Consequently, Steven lost the opportunity to earn a 2 million (yuan) fee, which serves to reinforce his decision to leave the nest.

Tsui admitted candidly to this magazine: “I’d wanted to invite Steven to join in one of the big-scale productions in the nation, 建元风云忽必烈, (The Reign of Kublai Khan) collaborating with Hu Jun. But who knew, TVB’s terms and conditions will affect the future progress of the production. So the negotiation fell through. I feel helpless.” As to Steven’s decision to leave, Tsui expressed his welcome to him. “His image is good, and his other aspects also match my requirements. I want to use him, hopefully we can collaborate in the future.”

Allegedly, right now there are several production companies hoping to sign up Steven in their company. Among them is one company that has offered a contract with extremely attractive terms and conditions, including shooting one hundred tv episodes within a two-year period, each episode commanding 100,000 yuan, in a 2-year 12 million yuan package. In the interim, Steven is allowed to accept other jobs for side incomes; lots of freedom; very tempting indeed.

As to having a company offering an over 12 millions contract to him, Steven admitted to this magazine: “It’s true there are lots of ongoing discussions. TVB siu sangs have always been in great demand. Many people have approached me but at the same time, the company has arranged lots of work for me to do too. Like this coming August, I will shoot Siu Ching jie’s modern series.”

As to his contract ending next year, he said: “It’s true my contract will end next year. What’s important is to have a happy collaboration. I’ve been in TVB for 18 years, have to thank Zang jie (Catherine Tsang). She has been my benefactor, without her there's no me. All these years, she has given me ample opportunities so no matter what happens in the future, I’ll always maintain a good relationship with the company."

Steven's weibo 8/9 16:02 What a pity can't collaborate this time....but, thank you!

DirectorTsui Siu Ming's reply on Steven weibo
香港徐小明 (HK Tsui Siu Ming)2:48 The fate has not arrived. Anticipating it in the future. Believe will have a chance to collaborate.

Steven in response to a Mainland press agency weibo about Ray Lui joining the Mainland series of The Reign of Kublai Khan directed by Tsui Siu Ming. The cast still include Steven name, so Steven responded to clarify the situation.

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