Kevin Cheng exposes his per-episode paycheck in Mainland is not just 160,000 Yuan

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Kevin Cheng exposes his per-episode paycheck in Mainland is not just 160,000 Yuan

Post by summer7879 on Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:00 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kevin Cheng exposes his per-episode paycheck in Mainland is not just 160,000 Yuan

The cast to TVB new series Ghetto Justice II including Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu took part in the blessing ceremony yesterday. Kevin just returned from Toronto after completing stage performances there. Earlier it was said Kevin's paycheck reached 160,000 CNY (Chinese Yuan) per episode of a Mainland series. No wonder Myolie wanted him to treat her a meal. Kevin laughed: "Actually it's not just that number!"

Kevin was said to be one of the best sellers for the poach within the TV industry. He said: "Cannot say it that way, I have always been a TVB supporter, but I cannot control whether or not my series are broadcast on other TV stations." Kevin expressed he never received a call from Ricky Wong. He still has a long contract and plus TVB gives him opportunities to shoot in Mainland anyway, so he never thought of leaving.

Ghetto Justice II is led by a new producer, but Kevin is not worried it will affect the series: "He was the director for the first season, so he's familiar with the entire series. (Does Ricky Wong want to shoot the film version?) Of course this is something honorable, but if he really does want to shoot one, I hope he announces it as soon as possible." It was rumored because he had to shave his head for filming, so he had to use hair growth products to help him get his hair back? Kevin clarified: "I never used those products. I just have a hair growth product endorsement."

Myolie was asked if she envies Kevin's high salary? She laughed: "I am not doing bad either, but if I say it, it might frighten people. I'm a discount!" Myolie expressed when artists sign the contract, the salary is already set. She knows many of the behind-the-scenes crew got salary adjustments. She is also very happy to be able to continue working with the crew she's familiar with. It was said those who didn't get a salary adjustment can use an award to substitute for it, Myolie laughed: "I don't know, but this year I have confidence."

Kevin pockets HK$700,000 for 'Ghetto Justice II'

Kevin is one of the highest paid artists in TVB, even higher than Raymond Lam. It was said he is paid HK$35,000 (28,662 CNY) per episode in a TVB series. This time, shooting for the 20 episode Ghetto Justice II will go day and night for over 2 months, Kevin will pocket HK$700,000 (573,246 CNY) from the series. However, this lags significantly behind what he gets in Mainland. Kevin's recent Mainland production Startling Step by Step has been a popular hit, which also boosted his salary from 80,000 CNY to 160,000 CNY. Shooting 20 episodes gives him 3.2 million CNY in Mainland. This seriously isn't simple, and his 'appearance money' in Mainland already reached 150,000 CNY.

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