Sharon Chan seated for 'Best Supporting Actress', takes down 6 opponents

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Sharon Chan seated for 'Best Supporting Actress', takes down 6 opponents

Post by summer7879 on Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:51 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Sharon Chan seated for 'Best Supporting Actress', takes down 6 opponents

There is a less than a month until the TVB Anniversary Awards. Currently, the major focus is to who the awards will land on. Unfortunately, this year's TV King and Queen battle is not as heated as the 'Best Supporting Actor and Actress' awards. It was said the nominations for 'Best Supporting Actress' includes Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice), Natalie Tong (The Other Truth), Aimee Chan (The Other Truth), Nancy Wu (Forensic Heroes III), Helena Ma (The Other Truth), Mannor Chan (Wax and Wane) and Vivien Yeo (A Great Way to Care).

As one of the hot favorites for 'Best Supporting Actress' award this year, Sharon Chan expressed, at an event yesterday, she has confidence in herself because her role in Ghetto Justice was a breakthrough for her. However, she also supports Elena Kong: "I hope Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng win the award together for Ghetto Justice. It would be best if our series gets Best Series Award as well." Yesterday when Sharon learned her good friend Joe Ma was absent from the event because he's suffering from a stomach flu, she frankly said she gave him a call to ask of his condition. As for her recent Weibo post that she's greatly pressured, Sharon expressed she's just referring to the long hours of filming for her new series, but TVB really cares about her and understands she needs time to rest.

Ruco Chan "Oldest Newcomer Award"

Also, Ruco Chan has been heavily promoted by TVB recently and is in on the TV King race for his role in The Other Truth. Yesterday reporters contacted Ruco to ask if he's surprised? He said: "Of course not, I am already happy to death to be part of the nominations. (Do you have confidence?) Many people support me for the Most Improved award, but if the name changes to 'Oldest Newcomer Award', then I would have more confidence!" As for Raymond Wong, he had great success last year, but this time in The Other Truth, Ruco Chan climbs over him. Raymond expressed he is not disappointed, and supports Ruco for the Most Improved Actor award.

In other news, Joe Ma was absent from the event with Sharon, his manager uploaded a photo on Weibo of Joe in the hospital and publicly apologized to the advertiser for his absence. Many of his good friends forwarded the Weibo post and wished Joe a speedy recovery.

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