Modern Men & Women - "Only You Don't Know" 蚊蚊参演的港台剧《只有你不知道》

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Modern Men & Women - "Only You Don't Know" 蚊蚊参演的港台剧《只有你不知道》

Post by ron1404 on Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:15 pm


Source: Mingpao
Modern Men & Women - "Only You Don't Know"
Thanks to Junopigg (僵小寶) classmate who notified this news ^^
Programme: Joey participates in series "Only You Don't Know"
Translated by Matchbox

Date of broadcast: June 13th (aTV) (Saturday) 19:35 pm
Main Cast: Joey Meng as Jenny, Jimmy Wong as Ken


The main theme is about getting married to a rich man. Jenny meets Ken who has a wealthy background. She thinks she will get married to him soon and tells everyone about it. She specifically tells Mandy who married a wealthy man and became extremely arrogant. She would often brag about the diamonds her husband gives her. Unfortunately Ken doesn't want to depend on his father's finance and refuses to accept his father's wedding gift which is a luxury house. Jenny starts to dislike Ken's intentions. She dislikes him for being stupid and not career orientated. Each special occasion he would give her miniature angel gifts. Therefore they start to argue go over this.

The reason behind the angel gifts had a hidden meaning and a promise. Ken was dissapointed with Jenny and decided to put their wedding aside for the time being. At that moment, Jenny discovered what she has always wanted in one of Ken's gift boxes, a diamond ring....

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Re: Modern Men & Women - "Only You Don't Know" 蚊蚊参演的港台剧《只有你不知道》

Post by lynneD on Sat Aug 15, 2009 6:17 pm

Is this a movie or a series?? I think the idea of Ken putting the ring in the gifts is really sweet ><
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