Complaints on Fala Chen "take off clothes" showing bra scene, bad influence on children

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Complaints on Fala Chen "take off clothes" showing bra scene, bad influence on children

Post by summer7879 on Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:09 am

Credit : Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Complaints on Fala Chen "take off clothes" showing bra scene, bad influence on children

HK newspaper companies received complaints yesterday from readers on "The Stew of Life", the scene where Charlie (Fala Chen) changes in front of Ryan (Timmy Hung) revealing her bra for more than 30 seconds. Complaints stated that TVB randomly shows such scene and is a bad influence on children. The complainted over the phone to the newspapers: "That is ridiculous! Before they already had sex in the car scenes and now they're doing this! This scene does not need an explanation, it is obviously done intentionally to increase the ratings. Kids who watches this need to wash their eyes after!" Reader Mrs. Wong expressed that the scene could be improved by showing only half of her body, there is no need to have Fala reveal her chest area.

As the series is broadcast during family hours, there are many Netizens online leaving messages on discussion forums saying that Fala was brave, the majority of them were shocked to see Fala do something like that. Others say that the scene was redundant, it was really not necessary to have Fala reveal her undergarment, it is a bad influence on children, parents should complain to the Broadcast Authority!

Yesterday reporters contacted Erica Yuen about the issue, she said directly that TVB has no scale at all: "Huh? Of course I haven't seen it, but the content is not the same as wearing a bikini! Is it necessary for that scene? But 'Beautiful Cooking' is also offensive! They (TVB) definitely have no scale at all!" Speaking of the episode was broadcast during family hours, she said: "What kind of scene would that be necessary? She took off so much, showing her bra, it's so obviously their selling sex! Maybe its because of Fala who wanted to use this selling point!"

Fala was at the promotion for "The Stew of Life" yesterday and when speaking of that scene and how she was so brave to do it, she said: "Because the series is a comedy, so the scale is a little more relaxed. When I was filming that scene, I was afraid that scene wouldn't be able to get broadcast! The producer told me that it's nothing, pretend its a bikini!" She stressed that it will be her only time this will happen.

Asked if she would accepted "Lust. Custion" standards? She said: "Of course not! The most I could reveal is my back. If I have to reveal bikini, then that is a definite no. Revealing the back is very sexy, but there definitely needs to be a bottom line!"

Also, Fala expressed that the bra she was wearing for the scene was her personal one. It was used because she felt that wearing her own one would feel more comfortable during filming, no need to deliberately do certain angles. Asked why she has a 'taking off clothes' scene? She said: "Originally the script had that in there already, actually the Director was very careful. Before we started filming, he gave me a towel to cover up!" In the future, will she do something even more daring? She said: "No more. This is the bottom line to TV series!"

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