Joe Ma doesn't want to be TV King

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Joe Ma doesn't want to be TV King

Post by Matchbox on Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:26 am

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Joe Ma doesn't want to be TV King

Sharon Chan and Joe Ma both attended a new restaurant opening event. Joe is nominated for this year's TV King award but he expressed that he didn't want the award. He said "It's obvious who will win the award this year. Wayne Lai is a very strong competitor. Don't give the award to me as I will just return it back. I am happy to be nominated".

As for "Most Improved Actress" nominee Sharon Chan who is a hot favourite expressed that she has confidence in winning the award. She said "I am not nervous. I will treat it as a group of people having fun. I feel happy". (Do you have confidence in winning the award?) "Yes, but I will be happy for whoever that wins the award. Most important is that I must look beautiful tommorow. I have already prepared a sexy evening gown that reveals my back".
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