Sheren Tang wants the "Real Version Chai Gau", not afraid of rumors with Wayne Lai again

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Sheren Tang wants the "Real Version Chai Gau", not afraid of rumors with Wayne Lai again

Post by summer7879 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:28 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sheren Tang wants the "Real Version Chai Gau", not afraid of rumors with Wayne Lai again

Last year crowned as TV King and Queen for their roles as "Chai Gau" and "4th Mistress" in popular series , Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang even started rumors. Rumors said that Sheren fell in love with Wayne after filming the series, causing Wayne's wife becoming the follower wife. Yesterday held its costume fitting, this time shooting the sequel, will there be more rumors? Wayne frankly said that he's not afraid, but Sheren said that this time Producer Lee Tim Shing made their relationship turn into a very strong one. Chai Gau turns into a gentle, rich with masculinity, able to protect women and continuing to be a good man. Sheren admitted that she hopes to find someone like him.

Producer Lee Tim Shing expressed that will be 25 episodes, he and the scriptwriter (Cheung Wah Bui) wrote 17 episodes already, this is also Mr. Cheung's last production before leaving TVB. Audience said that last season Chai Gau and 4th Mistress relationship was not deep enough, Lee Tim Shing said that the sequel will be another story. The focus is on the events revolving around the Japanese colonial period in GuangZhou. Sheren plays a female drug pusher, while Wayne plays a police officer, their relationship becomes even stronger. A strong but with noble sentiment relationship.

Asked about collaborating with Sheren again, is he afraid of rumors? Wayne said: "No fears! When the series releases, I don't mind a few rumors. Justice is in the heart. (Not afraid your wife will become a follower wife?) He said: "Usually when I'm at work, she would appear too!" For the sales presentation, Wayne and Sheren were kissing and hugging? Wayne anxiously said: "What kissing? It was just a little hug." Do you want to be two time TV King? He said: "Not thinking that much! I don't want pressure, just let it flow. I only hope for high ratings. Also this is Cheung Wah Biu's last production, I just want to give my 100% for this performance so it can be memorable for him."

Sheren was asked about the sales presentation clip, where Wayne and her were kissing and hugging? She said the same thing as Wayne: "What kissing? We only hugged a little." Reporters said that the two said the same exact thing, Sheren happily said: "Really? Producer and the scriptwriter wants the male lead to be gentle and have a male personality, with a good inner heart and able to protect females. I do hope to find this type of boyfriend." Does she hope to be TV Queen again? She said: "My role is very challenging, I haven't thought about how to portray her, just the role is quite difficult to act out."

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