TVB pushes out 6 more FaDans to compete with Sheren Tang for TV Queen

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TVB pushes out 6 more FaDans to compete with Sheren Tang for TV Queen

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:58 am

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TVB pushes out 6 more FaDans to compete with Sheren Tang for TV Queen

Tavia Yeung expected to intercept Sheren Tang

TVB's 42nd Annivesary 2009 has been a hot topic among Netizens on who will be the new TV King and Queen. It was said that "4th Mistress" Sheren Tang will get the title of TV Queen, so far that is the only hot favorite. In order to change the "wind", TVB decided to push back the award ceremony from November to December, so that the two anniversary series "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" and "Born Rich" could have a chance. TVB is strongly pushing female leads Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Michelle Yim, Anita Yuen, Kenix Kwok and Jamie Chik to compete with Sheren, lowering her chances of winning.

Depending on her role as "4th Mistress" in "Rosy Business", Sheren has won the applause and strong support from the audience. Just two months left before the anniversary award ceremony, there still aren't enough female leads popular enough to compete with Sheren. It was rumored that this is the reason why TVB decided to push back the award ceremony allowing the two anniversary series that will broadcast on October 19th to get a chance in the nominations. With the two anniversary series up on the competition, it will be a competition filled with Stars! Originally it was just Sheren in the race with a great chance of winning, but now with the new competitors, will her chances decrease dramatically?

The HK media did some research, asking 50 citizens on who they support for this year's award winners, does Sheren have the highest chance? The results of the survey found that 40% of the respondents felt that Sheren's chance of winning is "critical" because the one series that had been dominating the year, ended up being a 3 series competition, making it much more intense than how it was before. Respondents also felt that this is really TVB's "killer" plan.

As for "Beyond" and "Born Rich" are both the anniversary series, 80% of the respondents supported this because the series this year were all quite light-hearted, it was only "Rosy Business" and "E.U." that was more intense and had more discussions. Audience felt that during the anniversary period, there should be series that are "more watchable" and also felt that the more intense the award competition is the more interesting it will be. However, they did not agree to pushing back the anniversary award ceremony because afterall November has always been the tradition and the target date for the celebration, instead why not broadcast the two anniversary series at an earlier date?

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