Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Mandy Wong - funny reunion dinner

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Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Mandy Wong - funny reunion dinner

Post by summer7879 on Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:56 am

credit :Source: Singpao, [Scan: TVBChannel]
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Mandy Wong - funny reunion dinner

The year of the Rabbit is here, on the night of New Year's Eve, having a reunion dinner with friends and family is an extremely happy event. Last year developing in all three areas (TV, film, music) and got good results, Raymond Lam met up with good brother Ron Ng, Kate Tsui and Mandy Wong for a reunion dinner. Hoping everyone have a smooth year of the Rabbit, the four of them sends New Year greetings to [Singpao] readers. Raymond wished everyone 'good health', Ron wished everyone 'upward in fortunes', Kate wished everyone 'all wishes come true' and Mandy wishes everyone 'Good Luck in the Year of Rabbit'!

Raymond and ron are known as good brothers, he and Ron having a reunion dinner is quite normal, but why did they invite Kate and Mandy too? Turns out that the four of them have the same manager, and are considered a family, so they decided to have a reunion dinner together. Last year, Raymond was busy developing in 3 areas TV, film and music. Besides being busy with his music, he was also busy shooting films and series. He also went to Mainland to film, and did spend much time in HK. Ron, Kate and Mandy are also busy shooting series, Ron and Kate are currently shooting Forensic Heroes III and Mandy is working on Special Duties Unit. Raymond is busy rehearsing for his concerts in Guangzhou, Singapore and Malaysia. Coincidentally on that same day, the four of them were able to match their schedules and have the reunion dinner. On Chinese New Year, of course have to eat good luck dishes. It means that everyone will have a smooth development in the new year, earning more money and being happy.

Ron and Kate bickers

Among the four of them, Raymond is considered the big brother (Dai See Hing), although Ron debuted during the same period as Raymond, Ron started off as a dancer before becoming an artist. Kate and Mandy both started off in a beauty contest. With the four of them together, it was extremely loud, especially for Ron and Kate who are often bickering. Sometimes Ron would play jokes on Kate, the funniest one was when Kate asked Ron to pass her a shrimp with his chopsticks, but Ron unexpectedly gave Kate a fork instead. Turns out that what Ron heard was pass her a fork. Ron then told Kate to speak clearer next time. Kate was also constantly telling the people there that Ron is bullying her, but no one cared at the scene, it was very funny. When asked Kate if Ron often bullies her? She laughed: "Nah, actually in private we communicate like that. We have collaborated way too many times and know each other well. He never treats me like a girl."

Although Raymond and Ron don't see each other often, once the two meet they can't stop talking and also have a lot of chemistry. They teamed up to play tricks on their 'see mui' Kate and Mandy. When being directed that they shouldn't bully girls, and have to be gentlemen, the two would team up and refute back: "We aren't bullying girls, just want to make some atmosphere, so everyone can be happy." Referred to as the 'little see mui' Mandy did not dare to say too much in front of her three seniors. When asked if she's afraid of the three of them? She said: "No, actually my 3 seniors are very nice, taught me a lot! Afterall, I am a newcomer, there are a lot of things I learn from them." In fact, the two handsome guys are very gentlemen, often grabbing food for them with their chopsticks.

Later the four of them had raw salmon, chatted and often told jokes. Raymond and Ron are still the Mr. Right in many young girls' hearts. When Raymond stood up to scoop up the salmon, Ron suddenly had a very admiring expression towards Raymond. When Raymond saw Ron's expression, he burst into laughter and wanted to hit him. After a moment of causing trouble and playing around, the 4 of them finally behaved and sat back down to enjoy the good food. Raymond has always paid particular attention to food, when he felt that a dish was tasty, he would recommend it to the other three.

Raymond: Cannot accept family being in the news

Last year Raymond had a harvesting year in music, movies and TV. Of course popularity, fame and fortune continuously increases, gossips and negative news also starts surfacing. Especially last year, besides Raymond himself, his family also got involved in the news. This was something Raymond could not accept, he expressed: "I have been in the industry for 11 years, I fully understand the rules of the game in the entertainment circle. You talk about me, I can accept. I already tried as much as I could to do well on my part, allowing everyone to feel certain of me, but my family is my bottom line. I cannot accept the fact that because of me, my family is feeling unhappy."

Ron is more optimistic, hopes to sing again

Last year, Ron also had a pretty good report card. On TVB he was accepting series after series. One of the series, he received a challenging role and also his personality has been more optimistic. He is no longer affected by the negative news from before. Ron frankly said: "Perhaps I am older, I let go of many things. In the last few years, TVB have given me lots of good opportunities." Asked of Ron's big plans for the new year? He said: "I hope to be able to try different types of roles, and I hope to go back into singing, release albums and participate in films."

RELATED NEWS [Source: On.cc 02/03/2011]

[On.cc] To send New Years greetings to all [On.cc] readers, Raymond played lion dancing with his two juniors Ron and Kate. The three mischievous stars were not very good at it and played awfully. When Raymond tried to pick up the head of the lion, it was too heavy for him so his hands were sinking lower and lower. Eventually Raymond gave up and let Kate lead with the lion head. Not long after, Ron took a giant Buddha mask and put it on Kate's shoulder. Raymond and Ron both played tricks on Kate, leading to much laughter at the scene. New years joy, Raymond hopes for a smooth year while Kate hopes for 'gold and fortunes fill the house'!

OTHER NEWS [Oriental Daily 02/02/2011]

[Oriental Daily] Last night, Raymond also held a fan gathering with about 200 fans to have a reunion dinner with them. He played games with fans and also gave out red envelopes through a raffle to boost the atmosphere. Susanna Kwan and Lee Heung Kam were present as special guests.

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