A rough Kate Tsui criticizes Bosco Wong being too fastidious

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A rough Kate Tsui criticizes Bosco Wong being too fastidious

Post by summer7879 on Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:06 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

A rough Kate Tsui criticizes Bosco Wong being too fastidious

Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui should just switch their identities. In other words, these two mutually criticize each other that their personal character does not match with their respective genders. In Kate's eyes, Bosco is more fastidious than a girl, but in Bosco's eyes Kate is like a rough man ('ma lut').

This wrong match, one is a man that is fastidious while one is woman who is more sloppy than a guy. Bosco said: "Kate is really like a man. Don't see her with those generous lips and a fit body figure, she is actually those types that is sweet on the outside, but rough on the inside."

Sitting besides him was Kate who heard the way Bosco described herself, she instantly refuted: "You think you're really Man? You are so much more fastidious than a girl, I never seen a guy wanting to look pretty as much as you do!" Bosco laughed out loud and said: "I have a sense of cleanliness! I dislike being like you, don't even clean up your car." Although Bosco and Kate are bickering and aren't willing to compromise, the two still have great chemistry. They both ordered a lightly sweetened iced tea, definitely have minds that are alike.

In Lives of Omission, Bosco's role as Michael and Kate as Paris has left a deep impression on audience. Towards this new challenge, Bosco said: "My role has a mustache. I personally thought it was OK, pretty hot. However, I feel it's really annoying because I have to keep maintaining it. Maintaining and taking care of it, but it's something different that I can show people. Not your typical Bosco Wong."

Kate said: "When I first got this role, I was really scared. I feared being a lawyer. Aside from me not looking too good in a lawyer's costume, I couldn't handle the wig. The worst was the dialog of lawyers is truly difficult, and I had to be a really smart lawyer too. I had to come out as like a winner, so it was quite pressuring. The dialog really requires a lot of time to memorize, like a student studying. Compared to the time I usually spend on memorizing scripts, this time I spent ten times more."

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