Bosco Wong a Big Fan of Property Investment

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Bosco Wong a Big Fan of Property Investment

Post by summer7879 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:56 am

credit :Translated by: JayneStars

Bosco Wong a Big Fan of Property Investment

When people think about TVB’s rich actors, most people will think of Raymond Lam Fung. However, Bosco Wong Chung Chak has recently joined the circle of well-off TVB actors. Last year, Bosco bought a house in Sha Tin. Within a year, his house appreciated by $700,000 (HKD) in value. Happy with his profits, Bosco bought another two homes in the midst of a good real estate market. Since 30-year-old Bosco has a good personality and knows how to earn money, perhaps it was time for Myolie Wu Hang Yee to marry him!

Attending the Church of Christ in China Kei Heep Secondary School in Sha Tin, Bosco grew up in a single-parent family. He was very filial towards his mother and Mrs. Wong often praised him in front of others, “He is very mature. The neighbors also say he is a good boy!” Formerly living in Pok Hang Estate in Sha Tin with his mother, Bosco’s dream was to purchase a luxury home. ”My goal is to buy properties, not for the sake of getting married, but for the sake of supporting the family. The ideal house should be over 1,000 square feet so that I can live together with my family.”

Bosco and Myolie have been dating for six years. Bosco has been investing in real estate properties. In 2008, Myolie bought a $4.5 million (HKD) house in Mei Foo Sun Chuen to live with her parents. Allegedly, Mr. Wu said, “The boy [Bosco] is not bad! It is time for them to get married!”

In June 2010, Bosco spent $2.32 million (HKD) on a house in Tianyin Xi Garden in Sha Tin. He paid an additional $400,000 (HKD) to purchase a parking space. In eight months, the value of the house appreciated by $700,000 (HKD), no wonder he had so much confidence in purchasing two additional homes!

Career at a Standstill?

Since 2002’s Triumph In The Skies "衝上雲霄", Bosco’s popularity increased. However, in recent years, his only leading roles were in the War of In-Laws "野蠻奶奶" series. Bosco often played supporting roles in recent series such as 2008’s Burning Flame 3 opposite lead Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Growing Through Life "摘星之旅" oppositeRaymond Lam, and 7 Days in Life opposite Steven Ma Chun Wai. Last week’s ratings for 7 Days in Life only averaged 24 points, while the ending for A Great Way to Care "仁心解碼" pulled 27 points. In comparison, 7 Days in Life’s ratings were even worse than mainland drama, "鐵齒銅牙紀曉嵐 4", which pulled 25 points in ratings last Lunar New Year.

Netizens also heavily criticized Bosco, claiming that his pronunciation was unclear and that the theme song for 7 Days in Life, sung by Bosco, was awkward.

Mortgaging 3 Properties

After returning from filming "跑馬場" in Hengdian, Bosco was asked by his mother to purchase two small homes, priced below $500,000 (HKD). The three properties which Bosco owns total approximately $1.5 million (HKD), thus the mortgage amount was likely $50,000 (HKD) per month.

Although TVB’s new ownership fell in the hands of Charles Chan, Bosco said confidently, “TVB is a big family. Of course there will be work. Hopefully Mr. Chan will watch over me!” Bosco received approximately $6,000 (Yuan) for filming each episode in 跑馬場 with Myolie Wu.

Other TVB Actors’ Real Estate Worth

Although TVB actors film night and day, not many actors own their own properties. Even Raymond Lam only has one property in his name and Ron Ng Cheuk Hei was still renting. By owning three properties, perhaps Bosco had the most houses!

Moses Chan paid $3.68 million (HKD) for Tseung Kwan O Le Point in 2006. The current market value was approximately $5.8 million (HKD). Moses’ other property was at Abraham House in Causeway Bay , in which he paid $1.5 million (HKD) in 1997. The market value was about $6.5 million (HKD).

Raymond Lam paid $20.58 million (HKD) for Jin Feng’s Sai Ying Pun City in 2009. The value increased to $20.5 million (HKD).
Steven Ma paid $5.36 million (HKD) for Grampian Court , Ho Man Tin Hill in 1999. The current market value was $11 million (HKD).
Kevin Cheng paid $1.91 million (HKD) for Residence Oasis in Tseung Kwan O in 2003. The current market value increased to $4.2 million (HKD).
Joe Ma paid $4.1 million (HKD) for Kung Po Shan Court , with the current market value increasing to $9 million (HKD).

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