Charmaine Sheh waiting for love, won't sacrifice herself for money

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Charmaine Sheh waiting for love, won't sacrifice herself for money

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:09 am

Credit : Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @

Charmaine Sheh waiting for love, won't sacrifice herself for money (Part 1)

Whether if it's Charmaine Sheh's love life or Myolie Wu's acting, both give people unlimited misconceptions. Just when everyone looks on the surface, these two FaDans decide to go down their own paths that they like. [Read Myolie Wu's Article]

Regarding Charmaine's love life, it is as thick as a telephone book, can't ever finish counting. This is all because she's always been rumored to be like a Snake, very fierce towards her 'prey' (boyfriends). Actually is Charmaine a 'leftover girl' or a 'flourishing girl'? It is not wrong for women over 30 to make a move towards love, women getting marry and having kids is a normal thing. Which woman doesn't want to find a good husband? But, deep down in her heart, she is not rushed, after all she does have a lot of capital. In fact, Charmaine is not a 'Snake', she has never been fierce for love: "When the heavens wants to send a person to you, then you can't stop it. It does not matter if he has money or not, most important is happiness! He does not have to make me happy all the time because eventually it will get tiring. Actually just as long as I see him and I smile, that is good enough!"

Won't sacrifice for money

Charmaine's rumored boyfriends include Benny Chan, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan and even a Mainland wealthy man. The three male artists, she understands 'eat too much salty fish, must put up the thrist', but Charmaine issued a statement out when she was rumored with the Mainland wealthy man to throw away the 'third party' title. This was the time that proves she was truly upset: "This is a matter of moral perspective. First, it involves a third party and second, it involves the law. After all, I am helpless, so angered!"

Charmaine is a straightforward person, she never tell lies. Since she can already rely on herself long ago, why would she need to rely on a wealthy person? The confident Charmaine said: "I have never dated based on his wealth or profession. I have already been able work long ago, I can support myself. Since I don't need to worry about living, why would I need to sacrifice myself into such relationship? That is not logical! So, now even if I want to find someone, I want someone that I truly love! In fact, I am very relaxed, my older and younger brothers are both married. My mom has daughter-in-laws and grandchildren, she has it all, she doesn't care about me! I can do what I like to do!"

Fate is arranged by the heavens

Watching good friends in the industry getting married one after the other, even Sonija Kwok, who debuted around the same time as her got married. In Charmaine's heart, she is already prepared, once fate comes, she can't stop it: "I already knew about Sonjia's relationship last year, I am really happy for her! As for me...I know the heavens has already arranged someone for me, he may or may not have appeared, but whatever nationality he is, I don't mind. Just as long as I like him!"

Despite Charmaine not able to turn in a shining report card on her love life, but her career is like the sun at midday. Even if she's no longer a TVB biological daughter, what impact does that have on her? Charmaine said: "In fact, I never left TVB. I'm just cooperating in a different way, TVB is my maternal home. I don't have the feeling that I left at all! But, it is a fact that I am putting more time into Mainland series, and will be developing there as well as Hong Kong. I will not give up the HK market because this place is my home, but I really don't know if I will get TV Queen again or not. I already got it once before, it doesn't really matter!"

Epilogue: Can't 'Snake' Work

As the TV Queen, Charmaine has never been as lazy as a 'snake'. Working on series and interviews day and night, without any breaks, she did not complain one bit. The day during the interview, Charmaine did 4 interviews straight, didn't even have time to take a drink of water. Asked if she's tired? She said: "Yes! But, can I not do them? This is my job!"

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