Myolie Wu attractive when drenched (3Weekly #511)

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Myolie Wu attractive when drenched (3Weekly #511)

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:10 pm

Credit ;,
Translation to JOANNE @

Translated only myolie parts

Top right caption: Even though Myolie wore very conservatively, her white overall is actually a secret "weapon". As long as she is being splashed with water, her white overall will become translucent and she will be very attractive.

Middle right caption (Hula-hoop picture): The moment that Myolie climbed out of the water, she successfully revealed a sexy ripple(?).

Bottom right caption: In Burning Flames 3, Myolie and Kevin are a couple and therefore they had to give face and express their love on stage, but Myolie's rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong seem to be a little jealous and showed a forced smile, while avoiding looking in Myo's direction.

Also, even though Myolie was like them (the other girls) and did not get fully into the water, she was very smart as she wore a white overall. In the end, after she was being splashed with water by her male co-stars, her white overall became translucent and revealed a sexy bikini and when she got out of the water, ripple suddenly appeared and it was quite attractive.

People should learn from this, there is no need to be so revealing to be attractive and sexy at times. Learn from Myolie, even though she only revealed abit and she did not reveal it so clearly too, it will add more to the sexiness and attractiveness at times.

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