Sheren Tang turns down many jobs to get back to HK for TV Queen battle

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Sheren Tang turns down many jobs to get back to HK for TV Queen battle

Post by summer7879 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:38 am

Credit : Source: The Sun, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sheren Tang turns down many jobs to get back to HK for TV Queen battle

Last night, TVB held the No Regrets - Some Day Popular In the City (天晴豪情熱滿城) event inviting 500 audience, No Regret and the Some Day casts to watch the finale together. Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen, Raymond Wong, Susan Tse, Johnson Lee, Teresa Mo, Wong He, Aimee Chan, Kristal Tin and many more attended. Resuming his GM position at TVB not long ago, Stephen Chan also attended and even greeted Sheren.

Towards the ratings and TV Queen title, Sheren said full of confidence: "I especially scheduled to come back to HK tonight for this event, actually for every promotion, I specially made arrangements to attend. I turned down a lot of jobs to earn extra money, but no choice how much can I take, I feel it's worth it! (TVB promoting NR, paving the road for awards?) I don't feel it's like that! It's an anniversary series, we already said earlier that we'll be watching the finale together. But if it's true, not bad, I will get Tung Tai's 3000 disciples to vote! (Taking the opportunity to pull in votes?) Not necessary! The ones who watched NR will automatically vote for us. (Have confidence ratings will surpass Jewels In The Palace?) Definitely win! If not, I will accept the reality, write the 3 words of my name 'Cheng Gau Mui' backwards, I am saying my role 'Cheng Gau Mui'!"

Sheren continues: "On the night of the awards ceremony, I will be back in HK because I guessed that I'm in top 5. This is an event by the Hong Kong TV industry, to attend this event expresses your support. Mainland artists and staff are also very concerned of this awards ceremony. (You were just getting votes with the TVB executive?) I was just greeting Stephen Chan because I haven't seen him in a while."

TV King hot favorite Wayne Lai expressed that he has an injury on him: "Last night, when I was shooting for Lunar New Year film, I Love Hong Kong, when suddenly my leg had a 'pak' sound, my left leg could not bend at a wide angle, Eric Tsang said I had a muscle tear on my leg and should rest for two weeks before I go back to work. (Confident for TV King?) Yes! But, have to see how the TV ratings are like, high ratings means greater chance. On, NR has more than a hundred thousand clicks, I discovered that a lot of people are following my series, I have confidence for good ratings." Yesterday afternoon, Wayne attended Christmas event and when speaking of "Chai Gau" and "Lau Sing" roles bringing him more opportunities to earn extra money, he said: "Hard to compare, Rosy Business already finished broadcasting last year, NR probably needs to wait until next year before results are seen."

As for Fala Chen, she was asked if she told her "mother-in-law" to support NR? She said: "I told all the people around me to support the show, this year I am nominated for both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, although I have already won Best Supporting Actress, I really like my role in NR, it is my turning point in my acting career, I hope to get recognition. However, it is a tough competition, Susan Tse and Nancy Wu are quite strong too!" Also, last night, a middle-aged lady felt unwell during the NR finale and was sent to the hospital.

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