Moses Chan pledges: Please everyone keep an eye close; Aimee Chan: He is a very good man

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Moses Chan pledges: Please everyone keep an eye close; Aimee Chan: He is a very good man

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Credit : Source: Mingpao Weekly Issue#2214 [Credit: TVBChannel]
Translated by: aZnangel @

Moses Chan pledges: Please everyone keep an eye close; Aimee Chan: He is a very good man

Since Moses Chan was linked to Bernice Liu for 6 years, the public has viewed him as the "super good deal". Now that the relationship is over, Moses is out in the 'market' again. In the last several months, we saw Moses in many different events, and he still had a smile on his face. But just recently, Ah Mo's mood clearly turned into a positive one, on the day he did this interview, once he heard Aimee Chan's name, he was sweetly smiling all the way.

"It is time for Ah Mo to come back, been in hiding for so long. I had always appeared heee-haha-ing, but honestly speaking I was feeling down before. I didn't know when I could bring my happy side back out, after that issue (the love injury) what will happen next? Everyone was accommodating me and didn't ask me questions relating to the now you all are saying I'm better, its ok! At least you all can see the happier side of me."

After experiencing love injury, how did Moses get back to normal completely? Ah Mo said: "Yes, nothing! I hope that everything in the new year is a new start."

Spend a Christmas Party together

Is Aimee someone new in life? Forced to talk about it, Ah Mo was smiling so much his face and ears became red. "Since the double loss, I know many people are concerned about me, but please give me some time. A lot of the media follows me, so how can I go out?"

When this topic came up, Moses clearly has a good feeling for Aimee. He admitted: "It is a fact that I admire her, when we were collaborating, I thought she was a very good girl, pretty smart, simple and straightforward. " But the attraction between men and women, the first impression is the very important. What was the first impression on Aimee? "The actual first impression was over a year ago, at the 2009 TVB Anniversary Awards, she was on stage making her emotional acceptance speech (She won Most Improved Actress), she was crying and even said she had a long contract with TVB. At the time, I had a very good impression on her, I felt that not many people would speak that directly. She was so frank, didn't try to hide herself. In my impression, this girl is not bad, her type of straightforwardness is really rare."

Until late last year, Moses and Aimee collaborated for the first time in Producer Chik Kei Yi's TVB series The War at Heart. The two played brother and sister, so they often had contact with one another. "Her role in the series is quite a challenge, plus this is her first Chik Kei Yi's series, so at first she wasn't able to get in tune with the feeling. I saw she had some stress, but with the help of producer Chik's direction and script, I saw her pick up quickly. I felt she was very smart, her acting also has lots of potential. During the time we worked together, I made a coffee corner in the studio, often bringing different types of coffee for everyone to try. Aimee loved to drink coffee, so we had something else in common, we often chatted about coffee." It was rumored at this time Aimee was greatly touched by him? "No! In fact, during The War at Heart, the whole crew had a good relationship. In the studio, I brew some coffee and Aimee cooked many different things to eat, like desserts. During Christmas, we held a Christmas Party too, we had a great time."

Having the common topic of coffee, had a good feeling and worked together for so long, what did you miss? "That time during shooting, we did get along well, but it was with the whole crew having dessert soup. We ate midnight snack together, haha! It's not just the two of us. We are now friends, if there is development, will have to look at fate. Of course she is a very good girl, very nice and easy to get along with. But with the paparazzi following so closely, I really don't even have the opportunity to pursue her. Why not we all close one eye and leave some space. What I need most now is space and when I look for a girlfriend, I do hope to get to know her more because it is very important to have communication in a relationship."

"When choosing a girlfriend, feelings is the priority, have to see if we can communicate first. Life views and personality should be similar, so many people in the public think that I like Western girls or foreign born girls, but that's not true. I am not 18 or 22 years old anymore, I don't look at how tall, short, thin or fat, body figure or outer appearance is like. I don't pursue girls like that, being a person for so long, the most important right now is career. Of course life cannot lack love, but everything really needs to be based on fate."

This type, couple team is the best way to make money? "Not yet, but I'm welcoming it. I collaborated with her (Aimee), not bad! (Are you two extremely matching?) Haha! Pretty okay!" Today is April 16th, exactly the day of Ah Mo's birthday, but he is currently in Jamaica shooting for a coffee special. "I already celebrated with my family earlier. I must spend my birthday with coffee!"

Most important is feeling when choosing a boyfriend

In 2009, Aimee left a good impression on Moses at the TVB Anniversary Awards. During an interview over the phone, Aimee appeared happy and often had laughter. She said: "Someone praising me, of course I am happy. (Do you have any special impression on him too?) We got to know each other in The War at Heart. Before we attended a few events, but nothing really! But after our collaboration, I really felt that he's a very good man, vey gentleman, absolutely a nice guy. Daddy always teaches me how to look at people, the most important is to know how everyone around sees this person. I saw that everyone treated him very well and also he treats others well too. No matter if he person is a newcomer, a veteran or even the behind-the-scenes staff, he treats them well. For example, my first time shooting a Chik Kei Yi series, I never met a scriptwriter that writes on the spot, so I was pretty nervous and had stress. As a senior to me, he was very willing to teach me. When I'm acting, many times I don't pay attention to the camera, he provided suggestions to me, directed me and is really willing to teach people."

Aimee entered the industry for several years already, and had rumors with Bosco Wong. She reveals: "I never dated after entering the industry, my life is boring, usually I like to be at home to watching movies or I'll just go to the cafe and read because I have always wanted to keep my career as a priority. Of course love is an important part of life too, but just leave it to fate." Currently there is good fate right in front of her, and a good partner. Aimee laughed hard: "The most important is the feeling when I choose a boyfriend, have to feel comfortable. The second thing is good communication and my parents have to like him. I care a lot about their views." But Moses is already known as the 'good deal' in the public, she said: "I will describe him as a very good man, there really is in fact a lot of colleagues that praise him. I will pay more attention to this aspect...for me love is not simple. Time is necessary to clearly get to know that person, before we can start dating. Just start as friends first!"

SMS a Happy Birthday and smiley to Moses

Moses has recently got better, compared to his look before The War at Heart, it is very different. Aimee laughed: "I don't know what happened when we were filming, but later I heard the staff mention it. I don't gossip nor do I read tabloid magazines, so I didn't comfort him. (You made desserts for Moses?) He makes different types of coffee every day for us to try, from Paris to India, I just made cakes for everyone to eat, not just for him!" What do you have to express on Moses birthday? Aimee laughed: "I received a SMS from him on my birthday, for his birthday I will do the same. I'll add a smiley for him too... (Later will you eat out with him to celebrate?) Haha! No!" Ah Mo is not in Hong Kong, but his series Yes, Sir. Sorry! Sir is airing soon. Aimee is very supportive of her rumored boyfriend: "I will watch it, before I watched Can't Buy Me Love it was very funny. His comedies aren't bad, so this time I must watch."

This good man, good girl part does in fact have the same goals. They have recognition in their careers, both have the same hobbies, like coffee and both have good feelings for one another. Why not we all just close one eye and leave them some space to develop!

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